Automotive Solutions: Custom Metal Stamping

Today’s automotive OEMs and aftermarket manufacturers use custom miniature and small metal stampings in many applications. But have you ever wondered exactly where they are in a vehicle? Here are some examples:

  • engine knock sensors
  • transmission sensors
  • vehicle communication systems
  • EMI/RFI shields
  • throttle components
  • key fobs
  • door locks
  • fuel pump
  • fuse panel
  • infotainment system
  • ignition system
  • antennas

Take a Virtual Tour with Our Interactive Graphic

You can see examples of stamped components and easily visualize where they go with our interactive graphic. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Click the tan circles to see pictures of the actual stamped components and read a short description.
  • Click the plus (+) sign to see a detailed image of that area and the components within it.
  • Click the X button to exit the pop-up boxes.

Main Slide “Smart” door locking systems Various stampings including lock electrodes and lead frames. View All Antennas Connectors and terminals for radio, satellite, GPS, and other vehicle antennas. View All View All Fuel pump Stamped applications include terminals and clips within the pump housing. Custom terminals
For electrical connections within the fuel pump.
Regulator clips
Four-pronged circular clip to position and secure fuel pump components.
Car Interior Teaser toggle for additional information Toggle additional information Toggle additional information toggle for additional information toggle for additional information
Interior Slide View All View All Ignition Ignition system terminals are available in various forms of stainless steel, copper-based alloys, or zinc plated steel suited to fit any and all OEM or aftermarket applications. Spark plug and distributor terminals
Available in a variety of sizes and configurations including pre-bent and bendable 180-, 90-, or 135-degree stampings.
View All In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system IVIs provide connectivity and a display for cellular communications, ADAS sensors and cameras, navigation, A/V entertainment, and instrumentation. Heat shield
Absorbs excess heat generated by high-speed circuitry.
LCD brackets
Holds LCD components in place and stabilizes against vibration and shock.
View All Vehicle communication system EMI/RFI shield components protect and contain circuits and PCB components from the electromagnetic waves that interfere with vehicle performance, communications, and safety features. Custom apertures and other features optimize shielding effectiveness (SE). Shield cover
Shield box lid that blocks, absorbs, and contains EM radiation.
Shield frame
Four-sided frame surrounding susceptible circuits or components to block and contain EM radiation. Attached with clips, pins, or solder.
Inner shield
Metal structures within a shield frame that provide additional radiation protection.
View All Key Fob Custom battery contacts complete circuits powering alarm, lock, and trunk latch release buttons. Exit toggle for additional information toggle for additional information toggle for additional information toggle for additional information
Car Engine Base View All Throttle Engine Components Custom components for standard and flex-fuel vehicles. C Shim
Component in the throttle valve shaft.
Connects throttle body to ground wire.
View All Fuse Panel Terminals and clips in various copper-based alloys. View All Transmission Sensor Components Spring Lock
Component in the transmission sensor shaft.
View All Engine Knock Sensors Sensor components in several designs and plating options. Contact ring with glue or nut/screw design.
Custom copper-based alloy terminals with silver, gold, or tin plated coatings. Contact pins to secure components.
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A Partner for Your Custom Stamping Needs

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