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Metal Stamping Glossary

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1. Anneal – The application of heat to soften a metal, relieving strain. Then the metal is cooled slow to ensure it does not harden.

2. Assembly – Creating a successful, efficient production line by combining various processes that add value to the final product.

3. Auxiliary Operations – Non-stamping actions that add value to the product. Example: Milling



4. Blank – The original piece of sheet metal that products are stamped from.

5. Burr – Protruding, sharp edges on parts. A common result of actions such as cutting or punching.



6. Capacity (press) – The amount of pressure, measured in tons, that a press can safely apply its slide at the end of a stroke.

7. CNC Turning and Machining – An added layer of complexity to machining parts. Utilizing these equipment options can add more features to a product.

8. Coining – Used to fix burrs in important locations on parts. Performed by forcing metal to fill the shape.



9. Fabrication – A consistent method for producing smaller batches quickly. Done by utilizing CNC punching and forming.

10. Fourslide Stamping – Horizontal machine that can achieve numerous bends in material simultaneously because of its four different components.



11. Inspection Criteria – The list of objectives a piece must fulfill before it is deemed as fit for sale.



12. Metal Finishing – The process of either deburring, grinding, or sandblasting to derive a desired finish or texture to the material.



13. Planting – Protective, non-corrosive coat of metal that also benefits appearance.

14. Prototype – Initial model of an idea and potential product or service that is made for testing purposes.

15. Progressive Stamping – An assembly-line style process, where each machine performs a unique manipulation of the material as it is fed through the process.

  • The piece of metal could be first cut, bent into shape, then bent again to make a part.

16. Punch Press – Machine that compresses raw metal to reshape it.



17. Roll Feed – Feeds strip of sheet metal into machines for processes.



18. Slug – Scrap metal left over from the piercing process.

19. Staking – Used to fasten displaced material in order to retain it.

20. Stripping – Removal of tooling be used currently in the process.



21. Tolerance – The acceptable variation allowed in the creation of a product.

  • Certain amounts of variation are acceptable depending on what the design allows.

22. Tooling – Equipment with the intentions of performing processes like CNC forming, welding, etc.

23. Trimming – The removal of unwanted material from an already made product.



24. Vibratory Finishing – A drum-like enclosure holds and tumbles parts to remove abrasions from the parts.



25. Welding – The union of two pieces by heating them to the point of melting together.