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Custom EMI shields with progressive die stamping

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CEP Technologies is a global provider of metal stamping solutions with significant experience producing custom EMI and RFI shielding. CEP manufactures metal shields that help control the effects of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI RFI). Choose from copper, brass, nickel, silver, steel, tin, and more. Our high-volume metal stamping capabilities and broad selection of raw materials allow us to serve a wide range of industries and applications including, but not limited to:

  • Aerospace equipment
  • Automotive OEM
  • Computers
  • Industrial control systems
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Military equipment
  • Telecommunication

EMI & RFI Shielding Material Options

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Custom EMI Shields With Progressive Die Stamping

Choosing the best material depends on the specific application requirements, making it essential to work with an experienced manufacturer that can customize a shielding solution for your unique use case. At CEP Technologies, the two most common EMI/RFI shielding materials we use are nickel silver 770 and tin-plated steel 1010.

Each material has advantages and drawbacks to consider:

  • Nickel silver 770: This material is non-magnetic, solderable, and highly resistant to corrosion. It provides an optimal choice for shielding high-frequency ranges.
  • Tin-plated cold-rolled steel 1010: This material is a very cost-effective choice. It works best in applications that require shielding at low-frequency ranges. Surface plating is required to make it solderable, and this material does not perform well in corrosive environments.

EMI & RFI Shielding Applications

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) from poorly shielded electronic devices can result in problems ranging in severity from inconvenient to dangerous. For example, EMI may prevent optimal cell phone reception, harm machine circuitry, and have negative health implications. EMI shielding offers a solution to the risks posed by electromagnetic interference.

Given that electronics permeate virtually every industry and setting, there are understandably many applications for EMI & RFI shielding. Depending on the specific application, a board-level shield, finger stock gasket, or fabric-over-foam gasket might be used.

EMI & RFI shielding solutions are used on all types of electronic devices that emit electrical waves or can be affected by them. For example:

  • Aerospace equipment: Airplane safety and mission controls, high-altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse (HNEMP)
  • Appliances: Protecting appliance components from EMI generated by other devices in homes and businesses
  • Automotive: Shielding electronic control units (ECUs) and sensors in vehicles, safeguarding communication between cameras and ECUs in electric vehicles, guarding function of electronic components in vehicles
  • Communication Equipment: Protecting emergency service transmissions, protecting coaxial cable
  • Computers: Preventing access to stored data on RFID chips, safeguarding components from interfering with each other, blocking external EMI/RFI
  • Heavy Equipment: Keeping heavy machinery from causing interference
  • Industrial Control Systems: Protecting industrial equipment from unwanted frequencies
  • Mass Transit/Railroad: Containing or blocking emissions from train propulsion and control systems
  • Medical Devices & Equipment: Shielding pacemakers and other implantable devices, protecting x-ray machines, lab equipment, life support systems, and other critical medical equipment from interruption
  • Military Equipment: Increasing or complementing security systems, protecting against EMP weapons

Custom EMI & RFI Shielding from CEP Technologies

Electronic devices throughout many industries benefit from EMI and RFI shielding technologies. CEP Technologies produces EMI and RFI shielding for a wide range of applications and is highly experienced in meeting the needs of many industries, including automotive, electronics, telecommunications, medical, and more.

All of our stamping press tooling is designed and built in-house. Our engineers create designs for optimal performance and manufacturability. We also offer prototyping services with a lead time of 10 days or less to help our customers test design concepts in advance of full production. CEP also offers numerous value-added services, such as reel-to-reel processing, barrel plating, tape and reel packaging, precious metal coatings, e-coating, deburring, and more.

Our experienced engineers will work with your design for optimal strength, performance, and manufacturing efficiency. We serve many industries such as automotive OEMs, telecommunications, medical products, consumer and industrial electronics, and more.

For help identifying the best customized solution for your project, contact us or request a quote today.

Congratulations to the whole CEP team on achieving technical cleanliness specifications for particle size under 100 microns! This is an important milestone in your manufacturing capabilities.

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