Technician handling stamping diesAt CEP Technologies Corporation, we specialize in precision progressive die stamping of miniature to small components in medium to high volume production runs. We are IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 14001:2015 certified with global facilities to serve our customers efficiently. 

We work within many industries to provide the precision components needed to manufacture the highest quality tools, equipment, and products. We do it by providing reliable in-house engineering, die building and maintenance, and production progressive stamping expertise. 

You’ll also appreciate the additional services we offer including rapid prototyping and various post processing methods. Custom technical cleaning methods that meet ISO 16232 standards and tape and reel packaging are also available. 

CEP Technologies’ Core Capabilities Allow Us to Serve Customers in Many Industries

Industries We ServeAutomotive – We provide automotive metal stamping services to OEMs and aftermarket manufacturers. Examples include components for electronics, door locking systems, infotainment systems, GPS systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), sensor parts, fuel pumps, fuse panels, heat sink plates, and more. See how our precision stamped parts are used in vehicles here.

Electrical/Electronics – We manufacture custom components for a range of electrical and electronic metal stamping applications including contacts for automotive batteries and ignition, switches, clips, and press fit pins. 

Power Protection – CEP Technologies manufactures custom components for power protection applications including low-voltage circuit breakers in electrical panels and servers, press fit pins and other parts for PC mainframes, as well as contacts, plates, latches, and clips. 

Industrial Equipment – Our manufacturing capabilities are suited to many industrial equipment applications. Examples include, but are not limited to, custom designed battery and electrical contacts, switches, variable frequency drive (VFD) components for AC motors, pumps, appliances, compressors, fans, irrigation, and mining equipment.

Lighting – We manufacture progressive stamped components for industrial, commercial, and consumer/residential lighting applications. This includes switches, contacts, clips, and other miniature to small components used in fixtures and peripheral equipment.

Medical Devices – Precision stamping is critical for a range of cutting-edge and established medical devices and technologies. We can manufacture custom components for applications such as disposable/single-use IV pumps, wearable devices, imaging equipment, device housings, and diagnostic and treatment tools. Read a medical metal stamping case study here.

PCBs/Semiconductors – We serve the PCB and semiconductor industries by providing custom EMI/RFI shields, custom press fit pins, as well as ancillary components like brackets and clips, heat sink plates, connectors, and small to miniature enclosures. 

Power Tools – Many of the components used in industrial and consumer power tools are manufactured with precision stamping techniques. We can stamp custom switches and controls, electrical contacts, clips, brackets, and more.

Telecommunications – We manufacture progressive stamped, miniature to small metal components that are critical for telecommunications applications including those that go into main switching systems for telephone panels/switch boxes, power protection equipment, and routers. We also stamp pins, clips, contacts, and brackets that secure components.

CEP Technologies: Your Partner for Custom Precision Metal Stamping

Our global production facilities can handle medium to high volume production runs. Whether it is 25,000 pieces a year or 100,000,000 pieces a year, our production can meet and exceed your demand. CEP’s various production facilities produce from only the best stamping presses. Our facilities stamping capabilities include brand names like Bruderer, Minster, Raster, V&O and Perkins. Our tonnage ranges from 15 to 60 tons, which allows us to run material as thin as .002” to .080” thick.

We also offer prototyping services that can be utilized in order to satisfy immediate demand, test design concepts, determine material selection or handle low volume production. Average lead time for prototypes is 10 business days or less.

The images below are a sampling of the many stampings we have manufactured for customers in many industries. Free sample kits containing sample components are also available – request your kit today!