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CEP Tech Case Studies

Case Study: A custom solution for material removal and tin plating on a medical pump component

A customer manufactures a medical flow-through valve that contains a pump that regulates the flow rate of fluid drip on an intravenous line. Inside the valve, a metal disc makes contact with the pump, which is part of an adjustable-speed pulsating mechanism. The entire valve unit must be disposable, as every fluid change would require a new valve for sanitary and infection control reasons.

Case Study: Reducing costs and improving manufacturability with selective plating on a stamped contact

A customer needed a contact for an automotive application. The original design for the L-shaped part included a gold-plated contact that was welded to the terminal. This added tremendous cost due to the multi-step manufacturing process.

Case Study: How Redesigning a Prototype Led to an Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution for Automotive OEM

An automotive OEM customer had designed a part for an electrical application. It included two solid pins that were to be welded to the base terminal. This added expense and extra time to the manufacturing process.

Case Study: Redesigning Packaging Prevents Damage and Improves End-User Efficiency

Sometimes customers require stamped parts to be packaged to protect them from damage during transportation. When parts include features that are susceptible to nesting, they also need to stay organized and accessible so they can be used efficiently at the point of assembly. The original package design for this regulator clip had some room for improvement.