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Custom progressive die stamping for battery contacts

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At CEP Technologies, we provide high-volume precision metal stamping services to customers across the globe. We use the progressive die stamping process to create a wide range of miniature to small custom stampings for various industries and applications. The process utilizes progressive dies containing sectionalized stations to progressively cut and form coil strip metal into our customer designed specification. Each station can perform a different operation (e.g., bending, coining, cutting, drawing, etc.). Finished stampings are carefully packaged so they arrive at the customer’s facility ready for use at the point of assembly.

Watch our video or read the information below for a closer look at the process, materials, and applications involved in our custom progressive die stamping.

Custom Progressive Die Stamping

Our Custom Progressive Die Stamping Process

Progressive die stamping projects begin with designing the die and is followed by a tool build. Our expert team can design and build progressive dies to accommodate nearly any part or production need. Once the tools are ready, we can start the actual stamping process.

The first step of the progressive die stamping process is setting the tool into our power press and adjusting the feed settings. Next, the machine operator carefully passes the coil strip material through the tool in sequence. This is especially important as there are multiple stamping stations present in the setup.

CEP’s tooling is built for high volume production. All of our tooling is built to last so that we can guarantee it for the life of our customers’ projects. However, it is essential to use the proper progression and pitch distance to ensure production parts are produced accurately and efficiently. The final step of the process is running the machine; depending on size and geometry of the part each stroke of the press can produce a single or multiple parts.

Materials Used for Custom Progressive Die Stampings

The progressive die stamping process accommodates a broad selection of coil strip metals. Typical materials used include:

  • Low and high carbon steel
  • Copper and copper alloys
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel alloys
  • Nickel-plated steel
  • High performance alloys
  • Precious metals

Our stamping presses can achieve press tonnages ranging from 15 to 60 tons. These equipment capabilities enable us to process a variety of materials with thicknesses ranging from 0.002 to 0.125 inches.

Applications of Custom Progressive Die Stampings

There are many advantages to using the progressive die stamping process to produce components, such as:

  • Faster production speeds. The process is highly automated, which allows for a higher number of strokes with a smaller chance of error.
  • Lower labor costs. The automated nature of the process also decreases the amount and, consequently, the cost of human labor required to perform it.
  • Greater design freedom. The process can create a broader range of shapes than other metal shaping methods. The use of advanced tool and die components further increases the part complexity it can handle.

For the above reasons, among others, the progressive die stamping process finds use in the production operations of many industries, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Automotive
  • Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Lighting
  • Industrial
  • Electronics
  • Power Protection
  • Medical devices
  • Military
  • Switches
  • PCBs (EMI/RFI shielding)
  • Semiconductors

Some examples of the components we manufacture with progressive die stamping include battery contacts for key fobs, electronics, and medical devices; engine and transmission sensor components; fuel pump and door lock components, press fit pins, and more.

Contact CEP Technologies for Your Custom Progressive Die Stamping Needs

At CEP Technologies we’re committed to providing the best miniature to small stampings for our customers and we can do the same for you. Whether you need a standard or custom solution, we’re an ideal partner: we have the experience, expertise, and equipment to deliver components that meet your specifications and standards. To learn more about our progressive die stamping capabilities, contact us or request a quote today.