Proof-of-concept rapid prototyping and “functionally representative” parts from production tooling.

We offer rapid prototyping services for custom miniature and small stampings. Our lead time is short, which means a faster time-to-market for you. And quick shipping of production-quality parts ensures you have them you need when you need them.

As part of the design process, CEP can provide engineering support for choosing materials and optimal design for manufacturability (DFM). We’ll partner with you to review part prints, drawings, dimensions and tolerances, and to review design challenges.

Our prototyping services include:

  • progressive die stamped components
  • a wide range of plating options
  • laser cutting
  • photo-chemical etching

CEP’s ability to blank and form sample parts in our chosen material really helped us determine that it will be robust enough to handle an insert molding process.

CEP Automotive OEM Customer